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Radio Drama at St. Luke's CE Primary

I have worked on many musical projects but this project has to be one of my favourites. Claybody Theatre create a radio drama by using  the best script writers, composers, actors and studio engineers to bring the students’ ideas to life. It takes a few weeks to get this ambitious project from start to finish and I come in when it is time to make the music for the first draft of the script. Composing the music with this lively bunch was so much fun and demonstrated just how musical young people can be when they are able to imagine a scene in their heads. See what the school had to say about the project here!


Beatboxing at St. John's, 

A epic day of beatboxing with the students to learn the basics and start making beats on their own and in groups. Building confidence to try new things in front of others and seeking to bust the greatest beats! Full day and half day sessions available for primary and secondary schools, pupil referral units, care homes, and colleges too.


Violin Showcase at Cheetham Hill Primary

Pop, Bollywood, Classical and more at this school performance session in Manchester for the students at Cheetham Hill Primary School! What is a performance session? The performance I give on the violin has tunes they will all know either from the movies, Netflix or even classical music they may have heard on social media. I then follow this up with a beatbox performance which excites young people as it is the unexpected polar opposite of what they think is a classical violinist. I run a few assembly interactive activities with everyone giving it a go and take questions at the end. Is this session popular? I have run this particular session in over 100 schools across the UK and I think it is popular because the violin doesn’t normally go hand in hand with beatboxing. It provides a moment where two opposing worlds meet and successfully make everyone smile in the same space. My first ever performance session was in 2010 and you can watch that HERE.

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